ITL strives daily to maintain the quality service that has marked us as a premium inspection vendor for the last 20 years

About Us

Founded in 2002

ITL is driven by the shared commitment of the owners and the employees to performance safety and high-quality services. We recognize that our clients expect nothing less. Founded, owned and operated by experienced technicians, we know from hands-on field experience what the needs of the customer are, the primary importance of safety, and the daily dedication to meeting and/or exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Integrity Testlabs values those customers who have come to know us and trust in our services, many of whom have remained as clients since the company was founded.

Industries We Serve

Petrochemical Testing


Power Generation Testing

Power Generation

Industrial Fabrication Testing

Industrial Fabrication

Shipyards & ABS Certification

Shipyards & ABS Certification



Non-Destructive Testing Services

ITL offers many Non-Destructive Testing Services based on the ability to identify visual anomalies either from direct surface inspection or visualizing subsurface anomalies through some electronic medium. Some NDT methods include Visual Methodology (VT), Radiographic Inspection (RT), Computed Radiography (CR), Digital Radiography (DR), Ultrasonic Inspection (UT), Penetrant Inspection (PT or LPI), and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)

Advanced NDT Services

Where conventional NDT services cannot be applied, other more advanced methods can be used. Phased Array Ultrasonic (PAUT) systems offer the advantage of enhanced imaging of anomalies lying within the inspection area or on the opposite side of the transducer. The Alternating Current Field Measurement method induces a current into the part under the probe and measures the associated electromagnetic fields close to the surface. Our Hardness Testing uses Microdur MIC 10 equipment which is capable of reporting hardness values in a variety of conventions.

Visual & Program Services

Integrity Testlabs, LLC can develop a complete Mechanical Integrity Program for new facilities. Programs can be started when the design phase is complete, during construction, or as part of a start-up base-line inspection. In addition to Mechanical Integrity support of PSM Programs, ITL also provides support developing and/or maintaining CUI, PMI, Sulfidation Corrosion, and Fugitive Emissions programs. ITL provides the following services approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)