Walker Valley Non-Destructive Testing Services

Walker Valley Non-Destructive Testing Services

Walker Valley, NY Ultrasonic Inspection

Uses include flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, and material characterization

Walker Valley, NY Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Ideal for ferrous material

Non-Destructive Welding Testing in Walker Valley, NY

Integrity Test Labs is the leading provider of NDT welding inspection services in Walker Valley, NY. We check the integrity of your metal by employing a variety of testing methods including visual methodology, radiographic inspection, real-time x-ray, and more. Our NDT welding inspection company has served the Walker Valley area for over 20 years, helping to protect the assets of local industries. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with clients based on consistently high-quality service. With the assistance of our NDT professionals, you can guarantee the integrity of your work. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our NDT inspectors in Walker Valley, NY.

Walker Valley, NY American Welding Society (AWS)

Walker Valley, NY ABS Service Provider

American Bureau of shipping is a standard that covers the building, repair and overhauling of vessels ranging from tug boats to container ships. Integrity Testlabs for several years now has been a ABS Service Provider. We are currently one of the only Non-Destructive test companies on the East Coast to have this certification. Integrity Testlabs has provided over 20 years of service to the Philly Ship Yard. We have experience inspecting cargo ships, tankers and Navy vessels that have been built at this facility. We have certified technicians available to handle any RT, UT, MT, PT, Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle inspections and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspections needs that arise during your ship building, ship repair, ship maintenance, hull repairs, hull thickness readings, propeller shaft inspection and propeller inspection.

Walker Valley, NY ABS Service Provider
ASTM International

NDT Inspections in Walker Valley, NY

When checking for flaws in your structures and systems, it is important to find a reliable inspector who can guarantee accurate results. Integrity Test Labs offers professional, non-destructive testing in Walker Valley, NY. With a range of different NDT services, we can provide precise readings personalized to your specific needs. Whether you require visual testing, radiography testing, ultrasound testing, penetrant testing, or magnetic particle testing, our company can provide you with comprehensive inspections to detect any anomalies. If you are currently designing new systems, we can also provide hardness testing to measure the resistance and durability of your materials. This service is essential to determining whether or not your metal can withstand certain conditions.

Walker Valley, NY Non-Destructive Visual Testing (VT)