NDT Inspection Company in Charlotte, NC

NDT Inspection Company in Charlotte, NC

Integrity Test Labs is a renowned industrial NDT weld inspection company serving the Charlotte, NC area. We are recognized for our expertise in NDT techniques. Our comprehensive range of NDT Testing Services includes Radiographic Testing, Magnet Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Visual Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Certified Welding Inspector, and Positive Material Identification. Our staff has decades of experience and has been successful in the weld inspection industry for years. 

Integrity Test Labs, the leading Industrial NDT Weld Inspection Company in Wilmington, DE, is the best in the business. We offer a number of specialized services to clients in the area. Our team of technicians delivers satisfactory inspections, promising our customers they will be happy with our work. By using technology such as X-Ray, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspections, and more, we can detect potential weld issues proactively. 

Charlotte, NC Industrial NDT Weld Inspection Company

Charlotte, NC Industrial NDT Weld Inspection Company

Integrity Test Labs LLC is a reputable company serving Charlotte, NC. We are a leader in the NDT Industrial field. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals that make us the preferred provider of the best non-destructive testing services (NDTs). 

Industrial X-ray testing is very important because it lets companies ensure that there are no hidden defects or contaminants that could be unsafe. Integrity Test Labs employs an NDT process that utilizes X-ray imaging which allows us to see flaws while also providing accurate dimensions of features like cavities, slots, and holes in materials without causing damage. 

Integrity Test Labs provides valuable insights into the condition of your components and assemblies. Give us a call today at Integrity Test Labs LLC

Non-Destructive Hardness Testing in Charlotte, NC

Integrity Test Labs offers advanced NDT services, including Hardness Testing, in the Charlotte area. Our hardness testing assesses the wear resistance, toughness, and impact resistance of your materials, evaluating their performance capabilities. Our testing strictly adheres to the standards outlined in the Rockwell Hardness Test Method. We utilize Microdur MIC 10 equipment during our tests, known for its ability to provide highly accurate results and convert readings into various conventions for easier interpretation. Rest assured, our non-destructive testing ensures that your metal’s appearance and functionality remain unaffected. Feel free to reach out to Integrity Test Labs today to discuss our Hardness Testing services in Charlotte, NC.


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