Visual & Program Services

Program Support

Integrity Testlabs, LLC can develop a complete Mechanical Integrity Program for new facilities. Programs can be started when the design phase is complete, during construction, or as part of a start-up base-line inspection. Operational facilities that have inspection data but have not formalized a written program can use the existing data in the development of an OSHA compliant PSM document. ITL will provide technical services to help identify and manage risks associated with process applications. This is a process in which ITL can enter at any stage, i.e., continue an on-going operation, audit with recommendations, initiate a new program, and set up an on-site inspection team collect and analyze data.

The process of developing a program has several phases where ITL maintains the expertise for support services.
Our services include:

  • Written program documentation including hazard analysis
  • Developing P&ID’s and Circuit classification and layout
  • CAD isometrics with test locations (CML’s)
  • Installation of inspection ports
  • Qualified and certified inspection technicians (NDT and API 570, 510, 653)
  • Data collection including NDT and visual inspection as defined in the program
  • Data entry personnel
  • Callout services
  • Turnaround support personnel

API 510 & 570 Program Services

API 653 Inspection Services

Other Program Development

In addition to Mechanical Integrity support of PSM Programs, ITL also provides support developing and/or maintaining CUI, PMI, Sulfidation Corrosion, and Fugitive Emissions programs. Facilities that do not fall under the OSHA mandates and are interested in using risk analysis, inspection, and documentation to reduce site hazards, i.e. Terminal facilities (API RP 2611), can employ ITL in this capacity. Many facilities that employ potentially risk averse processes can employ appropriate items from OSHA, PSM, Mechanical Integrity, along with appropriate industry guidelines to develop responsible risk reduction procedures without the expense of full compliance to regulatory mandates.

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